The DeLaval Evanza milking cluster is the first cluster in the world to utilise a cartridge instead of a liner. It contains a newly designed claw with redesigned TopFlow™ technology and an easy, quick-connection between claw and teat-cup.

The new DeLaval Evanza milking cluster and Evanza cartridge will bring significant benefits to farmers and cows in terms of improvements in performance, animal welfare, service, ergonomics and reliability.

Farms where the new Evanza milking cluster and cartridge were tested, see an increase in milk flow of up to 9.3%. The attachment is as well better, with reduced milking time of up to 30 minutes per milking session, a reduction of 7% in time as a result. In addition, teat condition scoring has improved together with a 50% reduced service time. The cartridge change itself is done 3 times faster than a conventional liner change, saving considerable time and resources. All data is collected from test and pilot farms, and thus results may vary.