Electric fencing is, of course, nothing new. But it’s not easy to build and maintain a fence that animals will respect. That’s because a number of variables can challenge its effectiveness, for example: fencing length, the terrain or the amount of vegetation touching the fence.

DeLaval have been helping farmers plan electric fencing for almost 30 years. So we know how to put together an effective fence.

This also means that we have a full range of fencing products – whether it’s a powerful energizer, a volt-meter or just a rubber maul – all bearing the DeLaval stamp of quality.

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Electric Fence Energisers

An energizer is the heart of an electric fence. Choose carefully to find one that best suits your needs. Our new range offers improved design and performance – whether mains operated, battery or portable. Two factors to bear in mind are the height of the lowest wire above the ground, and the length of the fence.

Wires, Tapes and Ropes
The whole DeLaval range is made of highly resistant durable polyethylene. The conductors are made of stainless steel or/and copper.
The choice of wire depends on many things. Is the system permanent or temporary? How often must the fence be moved? What animals will the fence keep in, or out. And how long will the fence be?
The assortment is divided into three ranges – premium, standard and basic.

Fencing Posts
Our fibreglass posts are light weight yet durable and stable. They are also easy to drive into the ground.
The steel post can easily be equipped with additional insulators as desired, besides the standard top insulator. These extra insulators just clip on to the post.
DeLaval plastic posts are made in durable material and have several fixed insulators. The foot has a spike that can be efficiently driven into the ground. The specially designed foot on our premium plastic posts is reinforced and durable.

Insulators make fencing safe and durable with the right insulator – regardless of whether you have permanent or temporary fences, or are using wire, rope or tape.
We have a huge range of quality insulators for all types of fencing.

We have a huge range of electic fencing accessories including tape and rope connectors, fencing reels, spring gates, gate handles, warning signs, fence testing equipment and tools.
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