The VMS is the ultimate milking machine. It enables you to harvest the maximum yield from your herd and time away from a stringent daily milking schedule, freeing-up time for you and your staff to focus on other duties such as feeding, breeding, health and hygiene all the factors that contribute to improving the return on investment of your herd. The robust stainless steel design and hydraulic powered arm are designed for the 24/7 operation and are just some of the many features that are fitted as standard.

1. Hydraulic arm – Thanks to the compact energy efficient robotic milking arm, attachment is speedy and easy. The arm is hydraulically controlled and therefore fast, quiet, robust and gentle. It adapts to most cows resulting in longer lifetime/higher lifetime milk production per cow.

2. Teat Preperation – Prior to milking each teat is individually cleaned with alternating warm water and air, then stimulated, pre-milked and dried before milking. The teat cleaning cup is rinsed inside and out between each cow, minimising the risk of bacteria transfer.

3.True Quarter Milking – DeLaval VMS comes with 4 individual ICAR approved milk meters to assure a cow friendly, accurate take off. the milk meters not only read milk flow and milk amount per quarter but also conductivity per quarter and blood/colour change for udder health. The MM25 milk meters use infra red technology and have no moving parts for improved reliabilty and low service costs.

4. Touch Screen – The touch screen is user friendly with large buttons and explanatory screen pages. it is positioned on the milking station where you need it, close to the udder. It provides access to all cow monitoring and cow queue information and can also be easily used for manual milking if required.

5. MDi (Mastitis detection Index) – This provides you with a notification if a cow is suspected of performance deviation due to ill health. the system accurately calculates values based on conductivity per quarter, blood per quarter, milking interval per quarter as well as milk flow and conductivity peaks per quarter. With MDi you will be notified of potential mastitis at least 3-4 days ahead, giving you time to react before a cow is in trouble.

6. Delpro Farm Manager – The Delpro farm management system helps you build up a complete picture of health of your herd, collating a comprehensive record for each individual animal. The monitor board prvides an overview of milm production, milking queue, udder health status, reproduction attentions and much more. It also monitors cleaning records for the vms such as water temperature, cleaning time etc as well as monitoring the milk tank.