DeLaval MidiLine™ ML2100 is the ultimate low input, high throughput, batch milking system. It makes maximum use of each cluster. Clusters are positioned in the middle of the pit, and swing over to serve both sides of the parlour – very cluster-efficient compared to systems with one milking unit per stall. ML2100 can achieve a similar parlour capacity to a double-up or low line system, for significantly less capital. It requires minimum investment for maximum throughput.

DeLaval PR2100 and PR1100 Rotary Parlour:

Rotary parlour milking is a proven concept. Rotary parlours are labour efficient milking parlours for dairies requiring a high cow throughput per hour. Cows are very calm and the milking routine is the same for every cow, every day.
The rotary parlour’s operators are positioned in one location for the task being performed. The operators will only leave their stations to attend to a cow or machine with a problem. The rotary parlour’s continuous cow flow makes it possible for the milker to work without any interruptions because the operator does not assist the cow flow and can totally concentrate on the essential milking tasks. Rotary parlours provide very good working conditions for the operator. They offer a safe and consistent working environment. Platform entry, pre-milking work routine, milking unit attachment and cow exit from the rotary parlour are always constant.

DeLaval DSG2/3 Sort Gate

You know how often you have to sort your cows. This task is very labour intensive. But with DeLaval sort gates controlled by DeLaval ALPRO™ herd management system it is much simpler. Stress free for your cows while maintaining good parlour throughput.